The currency for solidarity

Get $BREAD and use it anywhere - all while supporting a post-capitalist future.

Get that $BREAD

See why $BREAD is the best thing since sliced, well, you know.

Get consistent value

$BREAD is linked to $DAI which is a stablecoin with equal value to USD. So $1 = 1 $BREAD.

Built on solidarity

A solidarity primitive is a building block for solidarity through code. Build with $BREAD to have a tech stack with values.

Fund the future

Earnings from the minting of $BREAD go to supporting a co-operative of post-capitalist web3 projects.

Co-operativeby design

Learn more about the project you would support.

Crypto Commons Association

An organization producing research and events related to decentralized technologies and the commons.

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Labour DAO

A DAO supporting workers who want to organize, strike and collectively bargain.

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A collective of event-focused organisations devoted to new forms of culture and enquiry, structured as a not-for-profit worker co-operative.

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Currencywith a conscience

Here are the principles that guide Breadchain projects and their missions.

Dual Power

We must build parallel tech institutions from the grassroots because technology without direct social intervention only favors those in power.

Economic Democracy

We strive for an economy in which resources are allocated democratically rather than through market forces.

Mutual Aid

We believe in communal solidarity through reciprocal exchange for mutual benefit so everyone can live a dignified life.

Transparent Governance

Everyone should have a say and those given power by the community must be held responsible for their decisions for all to see.

Bake $BREAD with us.

If you want to see a post-capitalist future, show your support by baking (minting) bread. If you’re a like-minded project creating a more progressive future, join us.